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LaGuardia Community College ASAP alumni/ae are up to exciting things: continuing their study at a variety of undergraduate and graduate institutions across the country, participating in summer programs and internships, and beginning their careers.



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"My most memorable moment as an ASAP student has to be when I gave my advisor the news of being accepted to 7 out of the 7 universities I applied to. It was a special moment for both of us."

Rafael Tejada, LaGuardia Community College ASAP '12; current student, Sarah Lawrence College

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"Even though students might be more attracted to the program because of its financial benefits, having an ASAP advisor was much more vital in my journey to success. Undoubtedly, money is an important aspect in college. However, there are so many students who come to college and have no financial needs, and they still fail or drop out of college. Having the proper academic and personal guidance from experts can be a key factor in making a student succeed in college."

Shenouda Ayad, LaGuardia Community College ASAP Fall '11, City College '14

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"ASAP made me appreciate my education the way I did when I started school as a child. I enjoyed most of it and learned that a lot of hard work needs to be put into it. I also learned that failing is part of success, because through failing you learn what went wrong and what can be done to fix it when you get up and do it again.  I learned that there needs to be an army of people to help students succeed in school. Students cannot stand alone and do it all alone; they need a support team that has the highest expectations of them, but also gives them the tools they need in order to accomplish the goals that are in the hearts of the students, but also in the hearts of their supporters."

Cristina Rodriguez, LaGuardia ASAP '09; American University '12

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"I attribute my decision to become a school counselor to the ASAP program. Having witnessed the difference that caring, patient, well-trained counselors can make, I realize that this is what the education system needs and should be about."

Angela Molfetas, LaGuardia ASAP graduate, Hunter College '11

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LaGuardia ASAP Alumni News




Fall 2011

On September 26, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein honored six ASAP alumni, including Geizel Amador (LaGuardia '09), at "Re-Imagining Community Colleges: A National Colloquium."  Read more >>


Summer 2011

Andrew Greene (LaGuardia ’11) received a Community College Transfer Opportunity Program scholarship from NYU, where he will begin attending in Fall 2011. Mr. Greene also received an award from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and has been active with both H.O.L.L.A.! (“how our lives link altogether,” a local youth program for young men of color)  and the Alternative to Violence Project (A.V.P.), a national organization of community-based groups that offer workshops in nonviolence and conflict management.

Nadica Zecevic (LaGuardia ’11) was an administrative intern in the Legal Affairs department at Met Life.



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