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Kingsborough Community College ASAP alumni/ae are up to exciting things: continuing their study at a variety of undergraduate and graduate institutions across the country, participating in summer programs and internships, and beginning their careers.



Kingsborough ASAP Alumni Profiles and Interviews


IS"[ASAP] showed me how your life can be altered when you have people who dedicate their lives to making sure you succeed. I always felt like there were people in my corner. Further, I had people who saw a spark in me and informed me about opportunities that would expand my network and help me professionally. If I needed words of advice or a summer job opportunity, I could contact one of my advisors."

Iman Stevenson, ASAP '11; current student, Hunter College' 14; intern, A&E

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"My life so far is rich with great experiences, a loving family, and an impeccable network of connections.  When I look back, I realize that ASAP was the start of it all.  Four years after graduating from the inaugural ASAP class I was given the distinct honor of speaking to ASAP’s 2013 graduates.  I related my experience with ASAP and the accomplishments it fostered, hoping to inspire the students to reach beyond the stars.  When I looked in the back of the room, I saw my younger brother sitting there, staring back at me, and proud to see the positive change in my life."

Anthony Finkel, Kingsborough Community College ASAP '09; Hofstra University '11; current student, NYU Masters Program in Public Relations and Corporate Communications '15

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"[D]uring my first semester at Kingsborough, I did not know that I was supposed to do. I realize now that it was joining the ASAP program that truly set me on track. The truly unique aspect of the ASAP program is how easy it is to join and just how easy your life is afterwards. You always have someone who wants to know how you are doing and there is always someone there to help you."

Ihtisham Mian, Kingsborough Community College ASAP January '13; current student, Stony Brook University, biology major

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Michelle Robles


"ASAP impacted me by giving me an essential support system to continue my studies at Kingsborough. I had never received so much support and beautiful energy from individuals outside of my family who genuinely cared, hoped, and pushed for my continued growth and individual greatness... ASAP changed me as a student by affording me the opportunity to return back to school with support and by pushing me to excel farther than I imagined I could, even throughout all of my life changes."

Michelle Robles, Kingsborough Community College ASAP '11; current student, New York University Silver School of Social Work '13

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"When ASAP came into my life, they revived my hopes of going to college and building a career. They allowed me to take a good look at myself, to discover who I am and what I want to be in life. ASAP made me realize that I should make a career of something I love to do. So after I finish school, I plan on becoming an editor. If it wasn’t for ASAP and the people that make it what it is, I wouldn’t have the achievements, experience, and confidence I have right now."

Viveca Shearin, Kingsborough Community College ASAP '11; entering student, New York University 

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"I think that ASAP impacted my life greatly—and still does.  I was able to build lasting relationships, and I’m still in touch with many people from the program: we still talk on the phone, and I just saw an ASAP friend recently.  ASAP wasn’t a generic experience; it wasn’t just a program I’d do and that’s it.  The friendships and the relationships with the staff really make ASAP memorable.  The staff really went above and beyond, well past their job description."

Shereece Blake, Kingsborough Community College ASAP Winter '08, City College ’11; current student, Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University

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Kingsborough ASAP Alumni News



Imam Stevenson (Kingsborough '12) recently graduated from the New York Needs You (NYNY) Fellowship Program.  She has completed an internship with Newsweek/DailyBeast and is currently internning at A&E Network.  Recently, Iman applied for and received a scholarship that allowed her to study abroad in Brazil.



Mame Sourang (Kingsborough '11) will be completing a global internship in public health this summer in Ghana, Africa.


Fall 2011

On September 26, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein honored six ASAP alumni, including Jamel James (Kingsborough '11), at "Re-Imagining Community Colleges: A National Colloquium."  Read more >>


Summer 2011

Lilian Almaghrabi (Kingsborough ’10) was awarded a scholarship to Long Island University’s Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, where she will begin classes this fall.

This fall Shereece Blake (Kingsborough ’08) will begin studying at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Texas.  In December, 2010, Ms. Blake was named a Robin Hood Hero by the Robin Hood Foundation.  The award "celebrates the people and organizations who have made extraordinary contributions in the fight against poverty."  Read more >>

ASAP Transfer Scholar Ewa Dubisz (Kingsborough ’11), was admitted to Hunter College’s Medical Lab Sciences Program, which she will begin this fall.

Michelle Robles (Kingsborough ’11) received a Community College Transfer Opportunity Program scholarship from NYU, where she will begin attending in Fall 2011.

This fall Mame Sourang (Kingsborough ’11) will begin studying at Smith College.



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