Shpresim Haxhaj '13


SH grad


Hostos Community College ASAP '13


What were your early impressions of ASAP, and how did they change over time?

I was like, “YES! Here’s a program that is there for you.” It made me feel comfortable starting college, which made it less scary. As semesters began to pass I noticed how much ASAP helped me. For example, getting free MetroCards and being able to rent books and not buy them helped a lot.


What was the most rewarding thing about being an ASAP student?

All of the academic support that I received throughout the semester.  I was ready to drop out several times because after I started my clothing company I became overwhelmed with balancing my time between my company, school, and personal life.  My advisers Lissette Jourdain and Berkis Cruz gave me advice constantly, which allowed me to graduate in June 2013.



SH climbingWhat, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

The advisers. They are amazing. Every adviser I interacted with treated me with respect and made me feel good because when I announced an accomplishment I would get a lot of recognition.


Looking back, how do you think that ASAP impacted your life?

ASAP guided me and offered me a lot of information. I was able to study abroad in the Dominican Republic because my adviser informed me about the opportunity. I also created a professional resume and got hired every job I submitted it to.


What are your career goals and/or future plans?

Academically, I plan on continuing my studies at Baruch College. Professionally, I am developing a social networking iPhone application, a Paintball product, and will continue growing my clothing company




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