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Hostos Community College ASAP alumni/ae are up to exciting things: continuing their study at a variety of undergraduate and graduate institutions across the country, participating in summer programs and internships, and beginning their careers.



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"ASAP guided me and offered me a lot of information. I was able to study abroad in the Dominican Republic because my adviser informed me about the opportunity. I also created a professional resume and got hired every job I submitted it to."

Shpresim Haxhaj, Hostos Community College ASAP '13

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"ASAP allowed me to push beyond my limitations and become even more focused on my goals, both short term and long term ... I finished my associates degree in slightly over a year with a 3.9 GPA, but what ASAP really did to impact my life was to help me transition into a senior college. Most students have a hard time transitioning into a senior college. For many it is the biggest obstacle in their academic journey, but ASAP helped me make that transition and prepared me for the next stage of my journey."

Avery Toledo, Hostos Community College ASAP '12; current student, Skadden Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies, City College

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"ASAP made me feel that I’m not alone, that there are people and services out there that can actually help me get to where I need to be.  In a sense it’s like the saying 'It takes a village to raise a child.'  That’s what I got from the ASAP program.  It felt family-oriented."

Cherrone Windham, Hostos Community College ASAP '12, Hunter College '14

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"ASAP helps build relationships, ASAP provides services to students on a more personal level, and ASAP helps those who need the support. What makes ASAP unique, to me, is the closeness everyone in the program shares. ASAP is like its own community that’s a part of a bigger community. There hasn’t been a person who has told me that they disliked the program. I encourage anyone who can to be a part of it."

Lawrence Anderson, Hostos Community College ASAP '11

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"I think the ASAP program places so much emphasis on its financial assistance because that is what attracts students, but in the end what keeps us in the program and what helps us succeed is everything beyond the financial help. Over time I realized that it was those monthly meetings [with my advisor] that pushed me to pick up the slack and to do better on my upcoming tests.  I realized that it was the ASAP Seminar that prepared me for the 4-year college that I am currently at.  And that is what ASAP is really about—helping you succeed at any cost."

Katherine Feliz, Hostos ASAP '11, Lehman College '13

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Bonilla Grad


"ASAP opened my eyes by showing me that I am capable of accomplishing things. ASAP helped me root out my strengths and explore different areas of work. I learned to network and how to act professionally ... and in a way ASAP helped me to become that person I had always wanted to be."

Carolina Bonilla, Hostos ASAP '10; John Jay '12

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Hostos ASAP Alumni News


Fall 2011

Carolina Bonilla (Hostos '10) is currently at John Jay, majoring in Public Administration and concentrating in Managerial Investigation in Oversight; she recently declared a minor in Psychology, and plans to graduate in the spring.  She is currently in training for a peer counseling program, and is an intern at the office of Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer.

On September 26, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein honored six ASAP alumni, including Sinai Cuahutenco (Hostos '11), at "Re-Imagining Community Colleges: A National Colloquium."  Read more >>

Ouma Sanoussi (Hostos '11) received a Hagedorn Fellowship and a DREAM Scholarship.


Spring 2011

The NYC Center for Economic Opportunity, founded as a "coordinated campaign to identify new solutions to help people break the cycle of poverty," published a report in which it identified effective and promising programs, and assessed challenges for the future.  The report highlights ASAP's successess, and and includes a full-page profile of Hostos ASAP alumna Carolina BonillaRead Caroline's profile on page 27 of the report >> <pdf>



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