Abdel Fall '12



BMCC ASAP '12; current student, NYU


What were your early impressions of ASAP, and how did they change over time?

My first impression was that ASAP would help me get my degree in a timely manner and that never changed.


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

Many things make ASAP unique, and I am going to enumerate some of them. First, ASAP’s staff members are unusual. I visited many offices at BMCC. Sometimes I got unfriendly faces from other people, but that never happened with ASAP’s staff. They always welcome you in a very professional manner. Secondly, at ASAP students get a academic and financial support. We all know things are getting more and more expensive, and funding and budgets for many institutions are getting cut. But despite that ASAP’s students keep getting real assistance from the program.I got free counseling, free monthly MetroCards, and I also received financial aid to pay for winter and summer classes. I really appreciated it. 


Looking back, how do you think ASAP impacted your life?

Because of ASAP I finished my degree in a year and a half. My counselor, Nadine Browne was very active and helpful. She never said "no" to me. It was she who encouraged me to apply for a scholarship, and that is why I am studying at NYU now. Thank you Nadine.


What is the ASAP student community like?

The atmosphere was always enjoyable, especially during the seminar classes. People talked to each other in a very friendly and respectful manner. Whenever we met on campus we took a moment to chat about classes, etc.


Why did you join ASAP?

Besides my determination and my will to succeed, I genuinely needed someone to encourage me to do it. I knew working full time, studying full time, and taking care of a family would not be easy, and that is why I joined ASAP. If I had to do it again, I would. I recommend it to anyone I know.


What is one of the most memorable moments you had as an ASAP student?

The moment when I met Mr. Brian, the coordinator. I told him that I worked full time, just had my daughter, and my rent was so high that I therefore could not afford to cut my days at work. We both knew that it was going to be painful for me to be a full-time student as well. He looked at me and asked me twice if I was going to be able to do it. I said to myself, "I should never have talked about my work and my family" because I thought he was going to let me go after I told him my situation. I said to him, “I am going to do it, believe me!!! I know what I want, and where I want to be in my life.” I always reminded him of that commitment, and he said to me, “You are a very dedicated man.” 


What are your future plans?

I study Political Science at NYU, I am looking forward to getting my degree on time. Unfortunately there is no ASAP there to pay for my winter and summer classes, so it will probably take longer to finish my bachelor’s degree. I am looking to work for the government or international organizations. I would really like to pursue a career in diplomacy.



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