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"We have made a promise

to our students. 

I am excited about keeping

that promise."

Bobbi Brauer, Director
ASAP program at Queensborough Community College



It may sound clichéd, but the most important advice I give my students is to never give up. Too many times students are quick to quit; they need someone to push them to recognize that the toughest parts of life are what will make them stronger. For most students, their time in college is a tough challenge. As a student manager, it is my job to assist ASAP students not only by providing a thoroughly nurturing environment but also by ensuring that each student receives a productive and rigorous scholastic experience at Queensborough. It is my paramount responsibility to instill in students this academic enthusiasm and drive while helping them to navigate their college careers.

I am inspired by the student who struggles--who struggles to make ends meet, who struggles in the classroom, who has challenges at home--but is unwavering in his or her ambition to complete a college degree. There are so many memorable moments in this work, like when I take students somewhere like a museum or a show that they have never experienced before and I know that I have done something meaningful for them. Nothing, however, will compare to that moment when I watch my students receive their hard-earned diplomas in cap and gown. That will be the best memory of my work with ASAP.

Danielle Izzo
ASAP Liberal Arts Student Manager
Queensborough Community College


 As an ASAP Academic Advisor and a Student Development Counselor, I am entrusted with the responsibility to strategically design and execute academic plans suited for each of my students according to their curriculum.

You might ask: why Bronx Community College and why Academic Advisement? I vividly recollect the tremendous subtle shock I encountered as a freshman here at Bronx Community College. The same challenges that enveloped me then are present in my students' lives today. Driven by a compelling disposition for perfection, never giving in, high values and the need for continual growth, I now tactfully assume a counselor's and academic advisor's role. This compelling passion to help others has grown over the years. It is visible and for the most part people gravitate toward it. My open-door policy allows students a sense of equal opportunity and access to all my resources. The greatest advantage I have as an academic advisor and counselor is helping students to recognize their academic potential and mental abilities, and guiding them to look at situations from diverse perspectives other than their own. I view myself as a motivator, one who encourages others to tap into their souls and reach resources that have not yet been uncovered and also to allow those hidden and unreached talents to become additional building blocks for the development of their life stories.

Cyd Williams
ASAP Academic Advisor & Counselor
Bronx Community College


 I was hired as an academic advisor for the newly created ASAP program at Bronx Community College in the summer of 2007. Previously, I worked as academic advisor at the same institution and taught at Queens College, Hofstra University and Fordham University. Because of ASAP's integrated approach to student services, I now have the opportunity to get involved in many more activities than does the typical academic advisor. This is an aspect that I particularly love about what I do. In addition to advising students about their academics, I created and maintain a database for the program, generate reports for my fellow advisors and program director, conduct workshops for the students, track the students' financial applications and other program requirements, coordinate registration, and provide technical support for the faculty teaching in the program.

While working as a college professor and as a general academic advisor, I always felt frustrated because I only had contact with my students for a short period of time. They used to come and go, and I often wondered what the future brought to them. In ASAP I get to know my students much better; I have the privilege to help them grow intellectually and as individuals over a significant period of time in their lives. I confess that I often dream about the commencement ceremony, where I will share their pride in their accomplishment.

I also like what I do because I get to share my joy for learning. A pragmatist will point out that education translates into better jobs. While I agree with this view, I particularly value the intangible aspects of education: education helps us make better sense of the world and ourselves. I truly enjoy when I see my students mature and become better equipped for the professional world, better parents, and more responsible citizens--in a word, when they gain wisdom.

Finally, I feel proud of being part of the ASAP team and particularly the BCC ASAP group. Every day, I learn from them. They inspire me with their commitment to students, professionalism, work ethics and experience. They are truly exceptional!

Francisco Legasa
ASAP Director
Bronx Community College