Martha Greasley



Academic Advisor,

Kingsborough Community College ASAP


I had the privilege to join the ASAP Team at Kingsborough Community College in the summer of 2009. My first day coincided with the opening of the ASAP Summer Institute, and I immediately noticed what makes ASAP exceptional. The program provides the traditional necessities that a college student would need such as financial coverage, books and transportation. However, ASAP is unique in that the Advisors help the students to mentally prepare for the challenging journey of pursing a college degree. What I saw at the ASAP Summer Institute at Kingsborough was a group of pre-college freshmen who were learning the skills needed for academic and life success.

I have become a part of a community of dedicated advisors, professors and staff whose primary goal is student success. ASAP also allows the development of a network of support and motivation amongst the students. As an Academic Advisor, I consider myself to be on the same journey as my students. I have the ability to see from my student's point of view while being able to provide them with guidance and leadership. I started with the program on the same day all of my students began their college careers. I look forward to assisting them with every bump and hurdle they will encounter along the way. My greatest joy will be cheering them on their graduation day, knowing that I was there from the beginning and played a role in their success.



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