K. Betty LeCadre




Career and Employment Specialist,

Bronx Community College ASAP

After working for AT&T for many years, during which time I held numerous positions that allowed me to travel all over the United States and internationally, I decided to take an early retirement offer.   The last position that I held prior to leaving AT&T was probably the most rewarding.  Having been certified as a workshop leader, one of my responsibilities was to train a number of management and union employees throughout the United States to be facilitators of a workshop called “Workplace of the Future.”   This workshop was developed to prepare employees for the changes that were taking place in AT&T.  Employees were given the opportunity to explore new career opportunities while still employed.  This experience made me take a look at my own career choices and was influential in my decision to continue in the field of career services. 

I started working for Bronx Community College in 2004 as a Career Specialist and joined the ASAP program in 2007 as the Career and Employment Specialist.  ASAP was a brand new program with lots of opportunities for students and staff.  The program not only gave the students the tools they needed to be successful, but also provided a support team that would direct and advise them.  In my opinion, this was definitely the formula for a win/win situation. 

Working for ASAP has been a truly rewarding experience I consider it a privilege to be able to assist students with their career choices, finding internships and jobs, preparing for interviews, choosing and visiting four year colleges, applying for scholarships, attending events, and graduating!!  This year’s graduation was especially meaningful for me.  BCC ASAP had its first valedictorian, who in his graduation address acknowledged and thanked me personally for my support.  I am looking forward to welcoming cohort seven this fall and will continue to help them with their career needs.



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