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"Working for ASAP has been a truly rewarding experience I consider it a privilege to be able to assist students with their career choices, finding internships and jobs, preparing for interviews, choosing and visiting four year colleges, applying for scholarships, attending events, and graduating!!"

K. Betty LeCadre,
Career and Employment Specialist,
Bronx Community College ASAP

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"I myself started at a community college as a first-generation college student.  I eventually went on to earn three master's degrees and a Fulbright scholarship, which allowed me to spend a glorious year living in Bologna, Italy.  I know firsthand, then, where a community college experience can lead!"

Laura McGowan,
Hostos Community College ASAP

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"It is my belief that every student who enrolls in college has a unique gift and a desire to reach their goals. Students just often need help in recognizing and using their gifts, and help in figuring out how to reach their goals."

Stephen Atkins
Career and Employment Specialist, 
Queensborough Community College ASAP

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"I truly believe that each student has the potential to achieve great things."

Heidi Yu
Career Specialist, 
Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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"I have become a part of a community of dedicated advisors, professors and staff whose primary goal is student success."

Martha Greasley
Academic Advisor,
Kingsborough Community College ASAP

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Bobbi Brauer



"Creating programs and seeing them through are my passions."

Bobbi Brauer
Queensborough Community College ASAP

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