Melanie M. Robles




Academic Advisor, Bronx Community College ASAP


When did you join ASAP?

August 21, 2012


What does your job entail on a daily basis?

I am an ASAP Academic Advisor, so the majority of my time involves meetings with ASAP students. During the meetings I assist students with their academic development, but at times I also coach them in other areas of their lives where they may need a little reflection and/or action to successfully complete the semester.


What has been the most rewarding thing about working at ASAP?

I have only been here for five months, but I would say the most rewarding thing about my work so far is the ability to see how I am contributing to students' academic lives. I have seen their trust in me grow and it is very humbling to witness how much confidence they have in me.


What, in your opinion, makes ASAP unique?

I would have to say that ASAP is unique because of the way in which we are able to develop and nurture relationships with students. ASAP is unique because it tries to bridge the gap between the obstacles that often sabotage student success and motivation and the resources that can help students address those obstacles. ASAP is unique because its students have a support system clearly defined to assist them in reaching their future goals and aspirations.


Why do you think ASAP is important?

ASAP is important because it is a vehicle by which students can strive for a successful future for themselves and for generations to come.


How has working at ASAP impacted you?

ASAP is a program that many of the students are grateful to be a part of, and in turn it makes me very grateful to be part of such a great program.


What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had while working at ASAP?

I think my most memorable moments have been scheduling a several large meetings the week before spring started and seeing that the majority of my students showed up. It really demonstrated the loyalty they have towards me. That was really nice to experience because I was able to see that in a short amount of time I have really done something.



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