Notable Programs

Accelerated Study in Associate Programs

Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) offers free tuition, small classes, convenient block schedules, and work experience to enable highly motivated community college students to complete their Associate degrees in less than three years. >>

CUNY College Transition Programs

Providing both college transition and adult education programs, which are designed to help students reduce their need for remedial college courses. >>

CUNY Baccalaureate Program

The most flexible program offered by the University, the CUNY Baccalaureate Program leads to either the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Students design their own program of study with guidance from a faculty mentor. Each student in the program is enrolled at one CUNY college, but can take classes at any CUNY campus. >>

CUNY Start

CUNY Start provides intensive preparation in academic reading/writing, math, and "college success." The program enrolls prospective CUNY students who have been accepted to college because they have a high school or GED diploma, but are not ready for college-level work based on their scores on the CUNY Assessment Tests.

Students who have enrolled in CUNY Start re-take the required CUNY Assessment Tests. Past students have shown significant skill gains when they re-test; many have bypassed required remedial coursework entirely. >>


The City University of New York COPE program provides information and support services to CUNY students in degree programs who are receiving public assistance, i.e., Family Assistance (FA), or Safety Net (SNA or SNNC) or who are parents of a dependent child and fall within 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. A high school diploma or GED is required to apply to a CUNY degree program. COPE offers 3 types of services. >>

Creative Writing at CUNY

CUNY’s writing programs cover an array of interests and subjects, from journalism to poetry to playwriting. They are also home to the largest number of award-winning creative writing faculty in New York City. As a whole, CUNY's writing community supports and nurtures the writers within it, while nourishing — and drawing inspiration from — the city around it. >>

Graduation Success INITIATIVE

The Graduation Success Initiative (GSI) is a year-long, structured academic and personal support program designed to help motivated students who are on public assistance complete associate degrees. >>

CUNY Justice Academy

The CUNY Justice Academy is a unique educational partnership connecting John Jay College of Criminal Justice to CUNY’s six community colleges. This program provides academic pathways leading from associate degree study to a bachelor’s degree and ultimately to exciting careers in the fields of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Forensic Financial Analysis. >>

Language Immersion

This intense English-language immersion program is designed to rapidly increase the student's ability to undertake college-level coursework conducted in English. Students are invited to participate in the program after they have been admitted to CUNY, but before they begin their degree program of study. The fee for the immersion program is nominal. >>

The CUNY Leadership Academy

The CUNY Leadership Academy is your source for leadership education, research, and opportunities at CUNY. The Academy is where students come together with faculty and other leaders to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to become global leaders. The major programs of the Academy are the Fellows Program, CUNY Ambassadors Program and CUNY Corps.

Online Baccalaureate

In September 2006, the City University of New York will launch its first online degree designed just for you - busy professionals, who want to return to school, but with your list of responsibilities, time is limited. Now you can earn your degree from a respected academic institution, at your pace and on your time schedule. >>


The Perfect Opportunity for Individual Skills and Educational Development (P.O.I.S.E.D.) for Success Program provides education and employment skills training for pregnant women and mothers of young children. >>


Talented and motivated students whose academic record does not reflect their full potential may wish to apply or SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge) and CD (College Discovery). These two higher education opportunity programs at CUNY are designed for students who need academic and financial support in order to compete successfully in college. The programs provide a wide array of financial, academic, and counseling support. >>