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Fall 2011 Apply to CUNY - The earlier the better! February 2012 CUNY
January 2012

Complete your FAFSA on the web. Men 18 or older must register for the selective service to receive federal financial aid.

File your TAP Application online at the end of the FAFSA.

If you do not apply for TAP online, make sure to file a paper TAP Application. It will be sent to you approximately three weeks after you submit the paper FAFSA.


February 2012

The Student Aid Report (SAR) should arrive anywhere from two to four weeks after the FAFSA is submitted. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) figure is printed on the front page at the upper right. If the SAR has not been received four weeks after submitting the FAFSA, call 1-800-4-FED-AID (800-433-3242). If there are any errors on the SAR, make corrections and mail it back immediately. If you provided a valid email address on the FAFSA, you will be sent a link to an electronic version of the SAR. Make corrections to the SAR online at FAFSA on the Web.

Have your mid-year grade report sent to the colleges that ask for it.

Keep all correspondence from the colleges and government aid offices in your college folder.

You and your parents should consider filing early for your income tax returns this year. Some colleges my ask for copies of your family’s returns before finalizing offers.

Many priority financial aid deadlines fall in February. To get the most attractive award package, apply by the priority date. Keep copies of everything you send.

College Goal Sunday
March 2012

Your FAFSA may be chosen for a routine process known as "verification," in which the information reported on the FAFSA is checked against copies of signed tax returns. An asterisk next to the EFC figure on your SAR means your application has been selected for verification. If selected for verification, be sure to submit all requested documentation to the financial aid office in a timely fashion.

Some admissions decisions arrive this month. Read everything you receive carefully, as some of it may require action on your part.

Check your financial aid status at your college or university. Check Your TAP Award or Loan Account Status.

March 15 – CUNY fall priority deadline
April 2012

Most admissions decisions and financial aid award letters arrive this month. Read everything you receive carefully, as some of it may require action on your part.

Make a final decision, and mail the enrollment form and deposit check to the school you select before May 1 (the enrollment deadline for most schools).

Notify each of the schools to which you were accepted that you will not be attending in writing so that your spot can be freed up for another student.

Review the financial aid package(s) sent by the college(s) that accepted you. If you have any questions, contact the college financial aid office. Select courses for fall. Register for classes via the Web.

May 1, 2009 – FAFSA deadline (received)

TAP deadline (received)

May 2012

You must tell every college of your acceptance or rejection of offers of admission or financial aid by May 1. Send a deposit to the college you choose.

June 2012

Make sure your financial aid is up to date and payable

Clear your account with the Bursar

Register for classes via the Web

July 2012

Plan your first-semester courses with an eye towards eventually selecting your college major.

August 2012
September 2012

Submit any outstanding/missing financial aid paperwork for fall

Sign up for direct deposit of your awards

October 2012

If you have been awarded Federal Work Study, sign up for on/off campus work-study jobs.

Submit any outstanding/missing financial aid paperwork for fall.

November 2012

Financial aid check distribution

Keep track of your finances and control your spending

December 2012

Continuing Students:

  • Check your mail for renewal FAFSA
  • Gather the required documents to complete your renewal FAFSA on the Web

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