Pre-College Education / Collaborative Programs

The City University of New York’s commitment to the education of all New Yorkers begins long before the start of freshman year. Through its Collaborative Programs, CUNY invests substantial human and financial resources in the service of public school students and out-of-school youth. The work CUNY does with the NYC public schools through the Office of Academic Affairs is known collectively as Collaborative Programs. <read more>
Currently, Collaborative Programs include CUNY-sponsored or affiliated schools; programs with pre-college and college courses and activities, academic advising and support services; and arts projects. The Office of Academic Affairs manages these efforts in partnership with the New York City Department of Education and other organizations. CUNY was also recently selected by the Department of Education to be one of the new Partnership Support Organizations.

College Now

CUNY’s largest collaborative program, enlisting all 17 colleges and nearly 350 NYC public high schools in its mission to help prepare students for high school graduation and success in college. The program provides a variety of opportunities, including college-credit courses, college-preparatory courses and activities, experiential-based summer programs, and access to campus facilities and cultural offerings. >>

Middle Grades Initiative/GEAR UP

Designed to support public school students' academic work and college awareness, beginning in the middle grades so they will be prepared for high school, College Now opportunities, and eventually success in postsecondary education. The program provides multi-year support services through school-based tutoring, advising and counseling, and early college awareness and arts education programs. >>

Creative Arts Team

(CAT) is an international leader in the arts-in-education field, providing participatory drama workshops and residency programs to more than 13,000 young people, teachers, and parents each year. In addition to direct service and professional development programs, CAT promotes and disseminates its unique methodology through the M.A. in Applied Theatre, in partnership with CUNY’s School of Professional Studies >>

Early College Initiative

Working with the Department of Education to redesign the secondary school experience. Students enter early college schools—of which there are currently 10—in the 6th or 9th grade, study with a mix of high school and college faculty, and have the opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree (or two years of transferable credit) upon graduation. >>


(CUNY Preparatory Transitional High School Program) is a full-time, year-round academic program that serves out-of-school low-income youth between the ages of 16 and 18. CUNY Prep is committed to developing life-long learners who have the academic, personal, and social skills necessary for higher education, expanded life opportunities, and active participation in community and civic affairs. The school culture fosters resilience, reflection, and success in both principle and practice. >>

At Home in College Logo 2015

At Home In College

At Home in College is a Robin Hood funded college transition program that works with over 2000 high school seniors from 60 New York City public high schools and 100 students from CUNY GED programs. The immediate goal of the project is to increase the college enrollment and retention rates of these students, and ultimately, their college graduation rates. >>

CUNY School Support Organization

The City University of New York has submitted a proposal to serve as a Partnership Support Organization for up to forty middle, secondary and high schools. CUNY has proposed to provide its support services through a dedicated full-time staff as well as through the extensive involvement of campus-based faculty and staff with knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of relevant areas. The proposed Support Organization is a natural extension of the University's extensive involvement with the city's public schools through its collaborative programs (College Now, affiliated schools, early college schools, and Middle Grades Initiative/GEAR UP) and its numerous teacher education programs, including the recently launched Teacher Academy. >>

Research & Evaluation

CUNY Collaborative Programs work with the Office of Research, Evaluation and Program Support to better understand program trends and outcomes through research and program evaluation.  Click here for statistics on some of our programs.

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