Implementation and Course Submission

2013 forward All of the Pathways policies and processes, including the Common Core, must be reviewed and evaluated each year for three years beginning in 2013, and every three years thereafter. Modifications will be made as necessary to improve them or to meet changing needs.
Fall 2013 Courses designated as major-entry courses must be offered at the colleges and their status as major-entry courses must be widely publicized at each college offering the major.
May 2013 Student appeals system established and training begins for fall 2013 implementation.
December 2012 Deadline to enter new or modified courses for the Common Core and College Option in the Chancellor's University Report for courses to be available for Fall 2013 registration. Please note that prior to entry in the CUR, Common Core courses will have to have been approved by the University-wide review committee specified in the original Board resolution. Colleges are urged to submit new or modified courses as early as possible, rather than waiting until December 2012.
April 1, 2012 As specified in the Board resolution, each college must submit for the approval of the Chancellor its plan for implementation of the General Education Framework (the Common Core plus the baccalaureate-granting colleges' 12 College-Option general education credits. This is also the date by which colleges may choose to apply for funds for specific elements of their implementation plans.
March 2012 Initial meeting of the CUNY-wide Common Core Course Review Committee. (PowerPoint presentation <pdf>)

Chancellor Goldstein Establishes CUNY-wide Common Core Course Review Committee. (Updated: January 2013)
January 2012 Initial Common Core Guidelines <pdf> distributed.

Senior University Dean Robert Ptachik convenes first meetings of the Pathways Implementation Committee.
December 2011-January 2012 Colleges designate chief campus contacts for Pathways implementation and nominate tenured faculty to serve on the Common Core course review committee.