2005-2006 Funded Projects

The City University of New York Black Male Initiative

Summary of Funded Projects, 2005-2006

With funding from the New York City Council, projects were established in all five boroughs of New York City, at a mix of senior and community colleges. While these projects target black males, they do not exclude participation by women or other ethnic groups in staffing or program services. It is expected that the entire University will benefit from what is learned from efforts with this target population. Through all efforts, approximately 1,000 students were served through December 31, 2006. For general information about the Black Male Initiative, please contact Elliott Dawes at 212 794-5651. To find out about specific projects funded under the BMI, please contact the campus representative.

Bernard M. Baruch College

Penelope Terry, Director of Admissions,
646 312-1375

This project is designed to increase the number of applications, the conversion rate of inquiries to applications, the number of enrollments, and the retention rate of black males at the college. The market base will be expanded city-wide, and a variety of activities, including: orientation days for high school guidance counselors and principals, strong recruitment publications, family college nights in African-American communities, connections with local two-year colleges, campus visits, special events, and mass media advertising, will be undertaken to increase the visibility and reputation of Baruch as a welcoming institution for black males.

Brooklyn College

Yusuf Ransome
Project Coordinator
718 951-4505

Through this project, “Empowering, Recruiting, Investing and Supporting (ERIS),” a campus-wide group of faculty, staff, administrators and students is working to develop a comprehensive campus community enrollment and retention initiative for black male students, with a focus on peer, faculty and staff mentoring. The project will recruit a cohort of ERIS Scholars from Brooklyn high schools and currently enrolled students. In addition to mentoring, participants will have access to seminars, a tutorial program, and scholarship information during the school year.

City College of New York

E. Maudette Brownlee
SEEK Director
212 650-7955

This leadership and mentoring project focuses on strategies that help students to develop a stronger sense of community; expose them to successful role models; provide extensive support through mentoring relationships; improve social competency and leadership skills; increase awareness of varied career opportunities; and increase appreciation of the value of a college degree. The project has both a summer component and an extended component that will operate during the full academic year.

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College

Daniel Voloch
College Now Coordinator/BMI Project Manager
718 518-6750

Based on a Youth Leadership Model, this project will create an intensive mentoring community for a pilot cohort of 15 first- or second-year college students that is intended to promote retention and improve academic performance. The college cohort will work with faculty advisors/mentors who will monitor participant’s’ academic progress and will arrange appropriate academic and personal interventions. The college cohort will also provide mentoring to a cohort of 11th-grade young men of color from Hostos Lincoln Academy (HLA), as well as male middle school students from HLA. In addition, a College Now leadership workshop will be launched in collaboration with an outside organization that will serve 15 high school freshmen and sophomores from participating South Bronx and Harlem high schools.

Hunter College

Marcia Cantarella
Associate Dean of Student Opportunities
212 772-4825

The goal of this educational enrichment program is to successfully recruit, retain and graduate an increased number of high-achieving black male students. Public, private and parochial schools, community organizations, and college preparatory organizations will be targeted, and students will be helped to identify and apply for scholarships to finance their education. Other features include academic counseling, tutoring, an on-campus Big Brother program, Hunter College faculty mentors, leadership development, a parent event, and a special orientation for students and their families. In addition, internships, leadership development, and career preparation will be offered for upper division students. A special program will target and provide a continuum of services to a cohort of 9th-grade students through their graduation from Hunter College.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Rubie Malone
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning
212 237-8810

“Bridging the GAP: Outreach for College Enrollment” is intended to enhance enrollment by establishing dialogue with high school principals, counselors and students, in order to target outreach to young black males. Efforts will be designed to gain an increased understanding of the perspectives of prospective students, create a web of support, integrate college concepts into the high school environment, create special high school instructional programs for the target population, and develop programs that address concepts of self and society. A second project, “Connections for Success,” will enhance pre-existing college support programs to meet the needs of the target population. A network of "first responders" from faculty, staff and counselors will identify and work with students who are experiencing difficulty in college in order to help them to succeed. A career development component designed to encourage and support students will be incorporated. The goal is to increase the number of black male students who successfully complete a degree at the College.

Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College

Debbie Mukamal
212 484-1327

This multi-pronged project is intended to support the reentry of formerly incarcerated black males through educational opportunities. Planned activities include: assessing higher educational opportunities currently available to New York State prisoners; scanning model practices and literature to identify promising policies, programs and practices around the county; developing a Bridge to College Program to facilitate transition for those leaving prison to continue their education; and increasing the level of access to CUNY institutions for students with criminal records. Services will also be targeted to first-time offenders and youthful offenders who have not yet served prison time.

Medgar Evers College

Andre Lake
Acting VP, Comm. & Prof. Development Programs
718 270-6414

“The African American Male Educational Ladders Initiative” will develop an educational pathway for black males who have low levels of academic achievement in order to prepare them to pass the GED and enroll in higher education. A second project, “The Black Male Construction Workforce Development Initiative", is a planning grant to create a comprehensive programmatic model for addressing the issue of unemployment that impacts the social and systemic problems confronting African American males in New York City. Planned activities include a national scan to identify similar initiatives, outreach to employers involved in the construction and trade industry, analysis of employment barriers, development of strategic partnerships and creation of a plan for implementation.
New York City College of Technology

Sonja Jackson
Dean, of Curriculum & Instruction
718 260-5560

To increase enrollment and success of black males students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, this project will: expand outreach and cultivate access to parents of prospective students; reduce African-American male student attrition and failure by 10%; create a college-wide faculty development program to highlight issues that impact students' success in college; develop an innovative first-year curriculum; establish a mentoring consortium that will draw on academic and research scientists, upper division and graduate students, as well as cultivate mentoring skills in promising first-year students; establish internships and expand opportunities for students in the sciences and technologies; and establish closer ties with historically black colleges and universities that have strong records of success in STEM disciplines.


Derrick Griffith
Director and Principal
718 839-8862

CUNY Prep @ Night is a new CUNY GED initiative that will enroll students in an intensive GED/College Prep program. The instructional program will be based on the best current work in the University's adult literacy programs and at CUNY Prep. Students will be assisted in submitting college and financial aid applications; moreover, through existing relationships at CUNY colleges, they will be provided appropriate assistance and advisement during their initial semester.

Queensborough Community College

Winston Yarde, Director
718 281-5212

This project, “African American MALES (Men Achieving & Learning in Excellence & Success),” will offer a variety of activities, including: parent/guardian workshops, Saturday workshops, a six-week summer orientation program, and a peer-to-peer, faculty and staff supported mentoring program, to increase enrollment, promote peer-to-peer support and cooperation, and foster an engaging campus climate. To ensure success of students once enrolled, the program will continue to promote engagement and peer support, facilitate faculty interaction, offer bi-weekly retention workshops, and ensure that every student completes and commits to a MAP (My Academic Plan).

The College of Staten Island

Debra Evans-Green
Director of C-Step
718 982-2638

“College Success Initiative: Learning by Teaching” will incorporate a number of pre-existing programs into a strategy that will provide intervention in the educational experience of the target population. In particular, the CSI Discovery Institute Teaching Scholars, who are high-performing college students working as assistants to classroom teachers, will assist high school students in passing critical courses and mentor them in college awareness activities. A Saturday program will be offered to 9th-grade students. In addition currently enrolled college students will be provided with monthly career seminars tutoring and other assistance.

York College

Janis Jones
Acting VP of Student Development
718 262-2981

This project is intended to increase the enrollment of African-American male students and to create an environment that will assist them to develop and achieve the academic, personal and professional skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. Recruitment will be expanded to more high schools, and faculty development will be emphasized. Students will be recruited for the College's flagship programs and, once enrolled, will be provided with enhanced academic support, counseling and advisement, and part-time job opportunities. The project will also work to establish a Center that will focus on self-empowerment so students can enhance their social interaction.