Research & Evaluation


The Office of the Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs oversees a wide range of programs and initiatives at the University, including adult literacy, college transition, early childhood professional development, workforce development and continuing education, collaborative programs with the New York City public school system, as well as special programs such as the CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP), Accelerated Study in Associates Program (ASAP) and CUNY Start.  The role of research and evaluation in these various programs and initiatives is a critical one, as research provides the data and information essential to develop and monitor effective programs and partnerships.

The Office of Research, Evaluation and Program Support (REPS), situated within the Office of the Senior University Dean for Academic Affairs, supports a variety of educational and workforce development programs by providing data and information essential to developing and improving programs and partnerships. The primary focus of REPS is to examine these programs and the impact they have on students’ academic skills and achievement, college readiness, workforce readiness and other key program outcomes. REPS provides statistical support and analysis, including empirical research and program evaluation, to a variety of audiences, including program administrators, campus officials, and a national audience of educators, researchers and policymakers.





New DATA ON 2011-2012 College Now Program Participation



Dual Enrollment: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Bibliography

This August 2010 report is a review of recent (2000-2010) publications, articles, presentations and ongoing research on dual enrollment practices, effectiveness, and policy issues.