Helena Rubinstein Continuing Education Scholarship for Career Advancement

smiling students The Fall 2014 Scholarship is closed for applications. 

The Helena Rubinstein Continuing Education Scholarship Fund for Career Advancement is open to individuals who seek to advance their careers through education and training, and who do not have access to other sources of funding that can pay for tuition and fees. Scholarship applicants may also be disadvantaged individuals who are unemployed or seeking a career change.

Certificate Program Scholarship

  • Covers up to 90% of certificate program tuition

  • Scholarship package includes invitation to special events for scholarship recipients and access to web resources, such as webinars, career maps, and other support services

  • Funding supports CE programs that prepare individuals for jobs where there is evidence of labor-market demand


Single Course Scholarship

  • Covers 90% of tuition for single courses

Since 2008, the Helena Rubinstein Foundation has supported scholarships for continuing education students at CUNY colleges who are seeking career advancement, and has signaled its ongoing support for these activities through yearly grants to the University.  In 2011, the Foundation made a one million dollar gift to CUNY to endow this scholarship fund, making it possible for Continuing Education students at CUNY to access funding for their programs in perpetuity.