Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers are public health professionals who help bridge gaps between different populations and healthcare or social service systems by providing outreach, basic health education, referrals and follow-up service, case management, advocacy and home visiting services

Laguardia Community College CHW Program

The LaGuardia Community College CHW Program is designed to provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a Community Health Worker (CHW) and covers the CHW core competencies recommended by the National Community Health Worker Advisor Study. The program includes the CHW training, a 100 hour internship, case management support, literacy and basic skills support and job search assistance.

Thank you for your interest in the Community Health Worker (CHW) CareerPATH program at LaGuardia Community College. We have concluded our recruitmentand will no be offering additional CareerPATH CHW training at LaGuardia at this time.

Hostos Community College CHW Program

Hostos Brochure Cover The Hostos Community College CHW Program will train community residents of South Bronx and Northern Manhattan who meet the eligibility requirements to join the healthcare workforce as Community Health Workers. The training will consist of 120 hours centered around community health worker core competencies, and contemporary health issues such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and chronic disease self-management. An additional 30 hours will be devoted to help participants with their academic skills in reading, writing and math. Following the classroom training, participants will spend 30 hours shadowing experienced community health workers as part of their practicum. Participants will earn 9 credits toward a Community Health A.S.

Thank you for your interest in the Community Health Worker (CHW) CareerPATH program at Hostos Community College. We have concluded our recruitment and will not be offering additional CareerPATH CHW training at Hostos at this time.

Kingsborough Community College CHW Program

The Community Health Worker training program, offered at Kingsborough Community College, prepares students to work within their communities as patient advocates, health educators and liaisons between the community and existing health/social services at large. CHW students will be introduced to a variety of health related themes that will prepare them for this multi-faceted position, including the relationship between health and human behavior, managing high-risk behaviors and disease prevention.

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