The Entrepreneurship Program

The College of Staten Island's CareerPATH program is targeted to adults interested in opening their own businesses, finding employment and/or enrolling in college.

Upon entering the program, participants complete four 3-hour Seminar classes to help them transition back into the classroom. If participants meet all Seminar requirements, they can then enroll into the CCP Entrepreneurship program.

The CCP Entrepreneurship program is a 3-credit business course. Participants learn how to start-up and operate their own small business through an in-depth examination of the requirements, process and possible outcomes of starting a new business. Course topics include: Market selection; Product/Service design; Financing; Marketing; Organizing; and Staffing.

Entrepreneurship courses begin immediately after the Seminar concludes and will meet on one evening per week.

Throughout the semester, students receive support with the college application process and/or their employment search. After completing the program, students interested in starting their own business will receive support from the Staten Island Small Business Development Center.



Upcoming InfoSession Dates

Info-sessions will be held at CSI's new annex, located at 130 Merrill Avenue.  Call 347-682-3853 for more information.

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