New York City College of Technology

City Tech (New York City College of Technology), CUNY's college of technology, was founded in 1946 and represents a major force in the preparation of highly skilled graduates, ready for the technology-driven careers that increasingly define our economy. Offering a host of innovative programs, delivered by experienced faculty using state of the practice equipment, City Tech is at the leading edge of the industries and professions it serves.

The College enrolls more than 17,000 students in 24 baccalaureate and 27 associate degree programs. It also serves over 16,000 students annually through its Division of Continuing Education and External Partnerships. City Tech programs target emerging trends in the city, state, and nation, according to the Center for an Urban Future. The College’s newest baccalaureate programs in emerging media technologies, biomedical informatics, construction management, radiologic sciences, mathematics education, and mechanical engineering technology anticipate skills that tomorrow will demand.

City Tech is located in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, adjacent to the Metro Tech Center academic and commercial complex. By combining specialized education in advanced technology and liberal arts study, City Tech connects students to extraordinary career opportunities in fields as diverse as the architectural and engineering technologies, the computer, entertainment, and health professions, human services, advertising and publishing, hospitality, business, and law-related professions, as well as programs in career and technical teacher education.

  • City Tech offers a distinctive combination: specialized technical instruction and a strong general education in the liberal arts and sciences. This curriculum helps students prepare for challenging, high-level professional opportunities and the need to be lifelong learners.
  • Many City Tech programs are unique within CUNY and some are unique in the metropolitan area, such as the degree programs in Entertainment Technology, and in Professional and Technical Writing.
  • The College has had a net increase of over 140 new faculty members in the last eight years. The cutting-edge skills of new faculty have contributed to significant faculty and student research activities and publications.
  • City Tech is a diverse, multicultural learning environment. Students and faculty members come from more than 126 countries and speak more than 85 languages.
  • The College is an active partner in the renaissance of Downtown Brooklyn and the surrounding MetroTech business district. Students have many opportunities to get involved in the life of the community and to take advantage of the vitality of Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle.
  • A City Tech degree is a passport to success! The College has produced more than 90,000 graduates; most have remained in the greater New York area and contribute to its economic and professional vitality. Many alumni are nationally known in their fields, and more than 1,000 graduates are or have been corporate CEOs or business owners.
  • Innovative programs in the Division of Continuing Education and External Partnerships help meet students' specific training and retraining needs and provide businesses with employees who have strong technical and management skills. For example, the unique Academy for Construction Education and Safety addresses an urgent New York City need for construction workers and managers with the skills to prevent avoidable accidents and meet mandated safety standards in construction. It has trained over 16,000 workers in its five-year existence.
  • The College’s evolving Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center, has received grants from NSF, NEH and the Borough President, as well as philanthropic support. The Center supports faculty and student research, contributes to the development of place-based learning and produces research sure to aid rational development of the waterfront, a precious regional asset.

City Tech works with numerous High Schools to provide higher education experiences and motivational opportunities to thousands of high school students. In addition, City Tech, in conjunction with the NYC Department of Education operates two early-college high schools including City Poly, which focuses on Architecture and Construction, and “P-Tech” which focuses on computer technology and serves as a nationally adopted model for advanced high school – college collaboration.


  • City Tech has its earliest roots in the New York Trade School, founded in Manhattan in 1881. The College, itself, has had five different names since 1946, and acquired its present name by action of the New York State legislature in 2002, to best represent its role in providing an education in the leading technologies.
  • With the generous participation of Teamsters Local 817 and the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, the College has created the Made in NY scholarship program to support students in entertainment-related programs.
  • City Tech students in Hospitality Management have taken the top award in culinary arts at the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show, in six of the last nine years.
  • The BMI program, which provides assistance to students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, has been cited as a national model of excellence by the Institute for Higher Education Policy.