The CUNY Value

CUNY Value

Today, the looming cost of a college education, the financial burdens students and families incur, even the value of the degree itself, are topics of stressful household discussion and hot national debate – and solutions seem elusive.

Not so at The City University of New York.

With a flourishing reputation among students and educators alike, CUNY is defining value by providing the opportunity of a lifetime: a high-quality, competitive and remarkably affordable college education.

It’s a 21st-century education, taught by top scholars on upgraded campuses, and it is transforming the student experience, nurturing achievement, bringing jobs to New York and stimulating economic development.

Its affordability is assured by the CUNY Safety Net – low tuition and federal and state aid that allow six out of 10 full-time undergraduates to attend tuition-free, and by federal tax credits that ease the burden on the middle class.

It’s an education that delivers in the marketplace, producing job-ready graduates with respected academic credentials.

That’s value – the CUNY Value.

Soaring Enrollment