Save More - Borrow Less

Debt-Free Degrees
for Nearly 80%

With U.S. student debt exceeding $1 trillion, it’s common to leave college with tens of thousands of dollars in loans to repay, making indebtedness an urgent national concern and a source of anxiety for students and families. Repayment of federal student loans can last decades, with no respite even in bankruptcy. Yet education borrowing, and delinquent payments, are rising.

At CUNY, however, affordable, no-surprises tuition and availability of financial aid ease the burden, making the new American Dream of a debt-free college education a reality for nearly eight in 10 CUNY graduates in 2013. Only 15% of our undergraduates carry student debt. This number, low compared with most colleges and universities, includes transfer students who arrived with loans but had no need to borrow more at CUNY. It’s no surprise that when our students borrow, they owe less on average at graduation than their peers at other New York institutions.

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