Preparing New York's Next-Generation Workforce

Preparing Big 1

CUNY has conferred more than a million degrees in the past 45 years, and surveys indicate that more than three-quarters of our graduates remain in the city. That’s powerful testimony to the University’s importance to the local labor market and the city’s economy itself. We place high value on educating for careers that are most in demand in New York, serving an economy that requires qualified professionals and skilled workers. CUNY colleges account for more than a third of the business and finance degrees awarded by New York City institutions, about one-third of the city’s public school teachers and a high percentage of the nurses and health and science technicians employed by local medical facilities. The University produces hundreds of computer scientists, specialists and engineering professionals each year. It all adds up to CUNY Value – not only for students and graduates, for families and neighborhoods, but also for the economic stability of the city, state and nation.

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