The Academic Value

Award-Winning Faculty —
and Students

CUNY’s commitment to both excellence and opportunity has fueled its resurgence as a higher-education destination, attracting award-winning faculty to its ranks, sparking innovative honors programs such as The Macaulay Honors College, and drawing so many motivated, high-achieving students that every year they garner not just a few, but a raft of top national honors from Rhodes Scholarships to Truman Fellowships to National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. In fact, CUNY boasted a record 23 NSF Fellows in 2013, more than any other public university system in the Northeast, underscoring its growing reputation for science education. Our students are enriched by accomplished faculty scholars, among them winners of Pulitzer Prizes, NSF grants, Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellowships and millions of dollars more in research grants and contracts. Their ranks are growing with the hiring of hundreds of new full-time faculty, essential to maintaining the high academic quality that is CUNY’s top priority. The University’s newly implemented “Pathways to Degree Completion” reforms ensure rigor across all CUNY colleges, encouraging timely graduation and keeping education costs in check.

Academic value: It’s just one reason why more students, in record numbers, are choosing the colleges of The City University of New York.