NYC Installer Resources

Sustainable CUNY is working with Con Edison, NYSERDA, the NYC Department of Buildings, and the FDNY to shorten and streamline the permitting and interconnection processes for installing solar in NYC. Sustainable CUNY convenes a NYC and NYS Installer Roundtable, a forum for exchanging information, training opportunities and industry updates. If you would like to join the NYC and/or NYS Installer Roundtable, please send a request with your solar company email to

NY Solar Map and Portal

Detailed information for contractors and installers on "How to Go Solar" in New York City, as well as New York State, can be found on the NY Solar Map and Portal, including the latest agency updates, workshops and reports.

NYC Interactive solar Permitting Guide

As part of the NY Solar Smart program and the NY Solar Map and Portal development supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, NYC Solar Ombudsmen worked with the NYC Department of Buildings to create an interactive solar permitting guide  that can be personalized for individual installations. NYC Interactive Solar Permitting Process Guide

solar in the city

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Solar in the City, February 2016

Solar in the City, April 2016