NYS Solar Survey

NYSolarSmartSurveyCover NYSolar Smart is supported in part by NYSERDA and NYPA under the NY-Sun Initiative. The first action of the NYSolar Smart program was to conduct a survey of policies and processes related to solar in municipalities across New York State. Over the past several years, the importance of reducing balance of system (BOS) soft costs has become evident.

The NYSolar Smart Survey collected information on the policies and processes that affect BOS costs, particularly those under the purview of local governments. By establishing a baseline for these policies, it is possible to identify the biggest barriers to solar market development and the greatest opportunities to reduce barriers by implementing policies and programs that reduce BOS costs. This report details the findings of the survey, and provides recommendations to address barriers to solar market development found in municipalities across the state.

The NYSolar Smart Survey collected data on permitting, interconnection and net metering, planning and zoning, and financing options. The survey also asked general questions related to jurisdictional interest in solar. In total, 93 jurisdictions around NYS were invited to participate in the survey, and 61 responded to one or more sections of the survey.