NYS Net Metering

Sustainable CUNY, of the City University of New York, is implementing NYSolar Smart, a project designed to lower the soft costs of installing solar in New York State (NYS) that is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge II program and the NY-Sun Initiative. Under the SunShot initiative, Sustainable CUNY formed the NYS Net Metering & Interconnection Working Group that includes all of NY’s major electric utility companies.The working group created the resources below for the general public and solar industry to increase transparency on New York States’s net metering policies. Residential Solar NM FAQ's <pdf>  |  Commercial Solar NM FAQ's <pdf>

understanding net metering

Net metering allows consumers with alternative energy systems to export unused energy back to the grid in exchange for credits on their utility bills. These brief videos can help you understand net metering and its effect on your electric bill once you install a solar PV system.


Solar Net Metering 101 for Residential Use

Solar Net Metering 101 for Commercial Use



On October 15th, 2015 the New York Public Service Commission temporarily lifted caps on the amount of net-metered solar energy that can be permitted on a utility system. PSC Ruling "Rather than engaging in another effort to arrive at the proper level of the ceiling that would anticipate  perfect coordination with the implementation of REV, the ceilings shall be allowed to float in the interim until the calculation and application of “the value of D”  and other issues affecting valuation of DER is decided. That is, utilities shall accept all interconnection applications and continue to interconnect net metered generation without measuring the DG capacity against an artificially set ceiling  level. The interim period will end and the ceilings will close  at the level that accommodates the acquisition of the net  metered generation necessary to smooth the transition to the  implementation of the valuation of DER, including the interim  “value of D.”  At that point in time, any other issues related  to moving from net metering to the valuation of DER will also be decided." 


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Current Net Metering Inventory reported quarterly to the PSC

DSIRE includes each PSC Order and Amendment for Public Service Law (PSL) §66-j and §66-l

Renewable Portfolio Standard program information and latest performance reports

PSC Orders  for Renewable Portfolio Standard

List of all New York electric utilities