NYSolar Smart Newsletter


October 2016

Solar News, Solarize+Storage Guidance, New layer on the NY Solar Map: Reslliency Installations in NYC, PVTN & more.

September 2016

Shared Solar Portal, Understanding Real Property Tax laws, Model Solar Energy Zoning Law, PVTN & more.

August 2016

Solarize NYC, Large PV Workshop, the Value of Resiliency Webinar, PVTN and more.

july 2016

Storage on Critical Infrastructure, Solar In Your Area, Uniform Code Changes, FAQ for NYC, PVTN and more

june 2016

NY Solar Summit Presentations, NY Solar Map Launch, How-to videos, Solar Connect, Dispelling Solar Myths Podcast, PVTN and more.

may 2016

NY Solar Map and Portal to launch at Summit, Model Solar Zoning Guide Published, Pro-Cert, CSS Sites Wanted

APRIL 2016

Summit Registration, NYC Solarize Launches, CB6 Sun for All, DG Hub Connects, PVTN

March 2016

Solar Summit Sponsorships, PSC Updates, Rapid Shutdown Webinar, Looking for Shared Solar Sites, PVTN

February 2016

Resilient Solar Podcast, Solar Analytics, Workshops, Training, Resilient Solar Project at Queens College

january 2016

Sustainable CUNY/Queens College Pioneers Resilient Solar Project, NYC Releases RFI, PVTN

December 2015

Federal ITC Extended, NYC Solar+Storage Guide, DOB Pro Cert, Sunshare, PVTN

november 2015

DG Hub Roundtable to Launch, NYC Mayor at Climate Change Talks, PVTN TA Support, Help Wanted

October 2015

Solar+Storage Facts, Group Purchasing, Sola in the City, PVTN Schedule

September 2015

Resilient Solar analysis underway, community solar/solarize boom, SunShares launches, Solar TA available

August 2015

Solar Storage, Net Metering for Commercial video, REV Projects, Solarize

July 2015

Resilient Solar Project, Net Metering for Residential video, NYC One City Plan for Solar, NYC Permitting

june 2015

NYC Solar Summit presentations and videos, Solarize Programs, PVTN schedule

may 2015

Transforming NYC DOB, Solar Installer Workshops, Summit, Solar Analytics, Solarize Campaigns, PVTN

april 2015

Pitch at the Summit, Solarize Campaigns, PACE Project, PVTN Schedule, Solar Summit

March 2015

Smart DG Hub- Resilient Solar Project Kick-Off, REV Update, PVTN Schedule, Solar Summit

February 2015

NY Jobs Report, CUNY wins DOE award for NY and Resiliency, NYC Solar Partnership, PVTN Schedule & More

January 2015

REV Strategy, Solar in the Queue, NYS Net-Metering FAQ, PVTN Schedule & More

november 2014

NY Jurisdictions Leading the Way, PVTN Schedule, NYS Solar Installers & More

October 2014

New Expanded Format: PVTN Schedule, NYC PTA Extended, K-Solar, Updated Tracker & More

august 2014

Summit Presentations, PSC Chair Keynote, Poll Results, Tracking Net-Metering, Help Wanted & More

June 2014

Solar Help Wanted, Poll, Net-Metering Tracker

Spring 2014

NY-Sun Winners, NY Solar Summit Save the Date

Winter 2014

NYS Solar Growth, Solar Summit, Help Wanted & More

Fall 2013

NYS Solar Permit Released, Record Growth (again), Help Wanted & More

Spring 2013

NYC Growth, Emergency Power & Solar, Tracking Solar Production & More