Darrion Maye: September 2012

Volunteer with citizenship now

Darrion Maye Since joining the Volunteer Corps, Darrion Maye has volunteered at numerous Citizenship Now! events and trainings:

Q.  Tell us about yourself--do either you or a family member have a personal immigration story?
A.  "Eleven years ago I came to New York from Jamaica on a visitor’s visa. I decided to stay so I found an employer who sponsored me for an employment visa (H-1 visa). Time was running out so I found another employer who was willing to renew my H-1 visa for another 3 years. Now I am in good standing because one year before this visa expired my older son turned 21 years and we filed a change of status to permanent resident. This past February I became eligible to apply for my citizenship which I did through CUNY Citizenship Now! I share my story so that others will see that there are some positive immigration stories."

Q. Why do you volunteer with the NYC/CUNY Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps?
A.  "I like to interact with people, and volunteering with CUNY Citizenship Now allows me the opportunity to help people as well as meeting and networking with people from different cultural backgrounds."

Q.  Has your knowledge of immigration law improved because of the time you have spent volunteering with us? What have you learned?  
"Being an immigrant myself, there were so many concerns and unanswered questions. However, after a few application assistance events I was able to get answers to my own questions and clear my concerns. I can say my knowledge has definitely improved. Volunteering has provided me with many learning opportunities through the monthly webinars, application assistance events, and the annual Daily News Call-In training. The knowledge gained through these learning opportunities has allowed me to remain current on immigration matters."

Q.  What do you enjoy most at our events?
"The gratitude the applicants show after helping them complete their N-400."

Q.  What are you looking forward to at the next event?
"I am looking forward to helping more people from different cultures with their applications, and also another opportunity to meet and interact with the other volunteers and staff members."

Q.  Outside of work and volunteering, tell us about some special hobbies or interests that you have?
"I like to surf the internet, visit the theater and also visit new places to learn more about different cultures."