Camilo Aparicio: July 2012

Volunteer with citizenship now

Camilo Aparicio Camilo Aparicio was encouraged to join the Volunteer Corp by his own immigrant experience:

Q.  Tell us about yourself--do either you or a family member have a personal immigration story?
A.  "Every person has a personal immigration story in this beautiful country, but it is a reminder that we have to wait and behave in order to be a part of it. My story is too long. My petition took more than ten years to go through so that I could obtain my documentation. In the meantime many doors were closed and a lot of opportunities were missed, but I never gave up and learned that there is always hope for everyone."

Q. Why do you volunteer with the NYC/CUNY Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps?
A.  "I wanted to help people in need of legal advice and hopefully with my experience I can give hope to others."

Q.  Has your knowledge of immigration law improved because of the time you have spent volunteering with us? What have you learned?  
"I have learned that many participants have no idea of the many benefits and rights that they can obtain by becoming United States citizens."

Q.  What do you enjoy most at our events?
"The best part of every event is the opportunity that I have to help others obtain their American dream."

Q.  What are you looking forward to at the next event?
"In the next event I would like to see more participants and continue to help them out."

Q.  Outside of work and volunteering, tell us about some special hobbies or interests that you have?
"Anything that goes fast I'm into it. That is the way I take a break from work and personal dilemmas."