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1st time volunteers - March, 2015

During the month of March the CUNY Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps welcomed 15 new volunteers*. We want to thank them for helping at our Citizenship Now! events during the month and for their gift of time to all of our participants.  Like the rest of our volunteers they have outstanding abilities and a special connection to the immigrant experience.  They all came from different neighborhoods throughout the city where they work in fields such as law, education and business.  Their language skills are an asset at our events.

The work we do at CUNY Citizenship Now! would be impossible without New Yorkers like them! 

Thank you:

  • Spencer Barnes
  • Tashany Brown
  • Christina Chala
  • Nicola Chambers
  • Melissa Cooper
  • Sabarri Haque
  • Janice Pulinario
  • Tito Saavedra
  • Adriana Sanchez
  • Ivette Sanchez
  • Emily Yeh
  • Janel Semper
  • Ashely Allende
  • Marcia Hershkowitz
  • Maria Rivera

Welcome aboard!

*Because of the time it takes us to enter information into our database, there may be omissions or errors in this list.