July-August Events Summary

Volunteer Corps

Events Summary:  July - August 2013

Citizenship Application Assistance Event with Council Member Peter Koo
On July 27th, we held an event in Flushing Queens, sponsored by Council Member Peter Koo.  At this event 48 volunteers and our CUNY Citizenship Now staff assisted 59 participants interested in naturalizing. Fourty seven participants had their citizenship applications completed, and the other 12 were referred to one of our centers for further assistance.  During the event, Councilman Peter Koo thanked all the volunteers for helping the community and encouraged participants to obtain their citizenship so that they can reap the benefits of citizenship, such as voting and being able to have access to benefits not available for non-citizens. Some media representatives came to the event as well.

Citizenship Application Assistance Event with MOIA
On August 3rd, we held a NYCitizenship in Schools event in Manhattan.  This event was different from our normal events because participants came with a completed application for our attorneys and BIA accredited representatives to review. At this event 67 participants walked out with their finalized citizenship applications and another 6 were referred to one of our immigration centers for further consultation.

Citizenship Application Assistance Event with Council Member Francisco Cabrera at Lehman College
On August 10th, we held an event with the Council Member Francisco Cabrera in the Bronx.  With the assistance of 36 volunteers we helped 32 participants apply for citizenship.  We also referred 24 participants to our immigration centers for more assistance with their cases.