Membership Benefits

Volunteer with citizenship now

By joining the NYC/CUNY Citizenship Now! Corps you become part of a team that thrives on helping others.  Corps volunteers also enjoy many benefits, including the following:

  • Gain a greater knowledge and understanding of immigration law.  If you are new to immigration, acquire hands-on experience at our events and get a sense of the work of an immigration counselor.  If you are a more experienced counselor, you can share your professional skills with newer immigration professionals.
  • Participate in free immigration trainings presented by CUNY Citizenship Now!.
  • Benefit from other free educational tools designed for our volunteers, and available exclusively on our website.
  • Network with fellow volunteers and CUNY Citizenship Now! staff members.
  • Have the opportunity to meet many of New York’s public officials who co-sponsor our Citizenship Now! events.
  • Interact with participants from various cultural backgrounds and have the opportunity to practice a second language.
  • Receive communications from CUNY Citizenship Now!'s listserv regarding upcoming events, trainings and other initiatives.
  • Encourage and assist green card holders to apply for citizenship
  • Provide information to immigrants to help them overcome barriers to meet the naturalization requirements.