Immigrant Eligibility for Public Benefits

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Webinar Series: MARCH 2011

This is the fifTH webinar of our monthly series designed to provide up-to-date information on various vital immigration law topics to practitioners and community advocates.

Immigrants, in addition to U.S. citizens, are eligible for certain federal, state and local public benefits without immigration consequences.  Many immigrants are unaware or confused about benefit eligibility.  Others shy away from any type of public assistance thinking they will risk their immigration status if they seek help.  This webinar will discuss immigrants' eligibility for public benefits and the impact receipt of benefits may have on an individual's eligibility for permanent residence.

Webinar topics:

  • Provide information for individuals who may be eligible for public benefits. 
  • Discuss if the individual taking public benefits may risk their immigration status.

Webinar Presenters


  • Barbara Weiner, Esq.
    Senior Attorney Empire Justice Center
  • Susan Welber, Esq.
    Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society's Law Reform Unit


  • Patricia Wonder, Esq.
    Instructor, CUNY School of Professional Studies