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York College, a senior college of The City University of New York, is committed to the university’s mission of teaching, research and public service. The college is distinguished for offering a wide variety of bachelor’s degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as targeted professional programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in accounting and business, communications technology, computer science, social work, teacher education, various health professions and aviation management. York College is the only CUNY senior college offering majors in gerontology, biotechnology, information systems management and a BS/MS degree in occupational therapy. York College is also home to the CUNY Aviation Institute and the offices and laboratories of the Northeast Region of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Philanthropic Support FY00-FY09 — $2,329,035
Projected Philanthropy Target through FY2015 — $6,000,000

Philanthropic support to the York College Foundation during the campaign totaled over $2.3 million. The foundation focuses primarily on student support, funding a broad merit scholarship program as well as scholarships for specific academic programs.

Gift Highlights

  • A major gift from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners established York’s first endowed faculty position, the ACFE Endowed Professor of Fraud Examination.
  • The SCS Astoria Foundation gave $135,000 to fund retention scholarships for high- performing freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
  • Citicorp and CA Inc. donated $57,500 for the Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy.
  • Foundation Board member Joseph Ciampa gave $26,000 for scholarships for high-performing entering students.
  • The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund gave $21,000 for merit scholarships.

Look Who's Investing in York College

The ACFE Endowed Professor of Fraud Examination

“This endowment for anti-fraud education at York College will lay the foundation for generations of students to learn the skills needed to fight fraud effectively. As tomorrow’s leaders, these future fraud examiners will help safeguard the economy from the ever-present threat of fraud.”

—- ACFE Founder and Chairman Joseph T. Wells

York College’s first endowed faculty position, the ACFE Endowed Professor of Fraud Examination, has been established through a major gift from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Awarded as part of the ACFE’s commitment to encourage anti-fraud education and research in institutions of higher learning around the world, this is the organization’s first such gift to a college or university. York will use the new position to anchor a series of innovative curricular and co-curricular offerings in the Department of Accounting and Business, including the development of a master’s degree program.

J. Foster Phillips Memorial Scholarship

The J. Foster Phillips Memorial Scholarship provides multiyear support for students in York’s aviation management program. The scholarship was established by Neil and Carole Phillips in honor of his father, J. Foster Phillips, founder of J. Foster Phillips Funeral Homes Inc., that has served the greater Jamaica community and beyond for 80 years. Neil Phillips, a pilot, and Carole Phillips, an aviation enthusiast, are part of a growing cadre of supporters for York College’s aviation programs.