The CUNY Campaign Against Diabetes is an initiative designed to strengthen CUNY's capacity to reverse the epidemics of obesity and diabetes that threaten New York's well-being. In the last 10 years, the number of New Yorkers who have been diagnosed with diabetes has increased by 250% and the death rate has nearly doubled. If these trends continue, medical researchers warn, our children and grand­children will have shorter life spans than we do. Fortunately, much of the medical knowledge needed to control diabetes is already known.

Campaign Objectives

  1. Prepare NYC's future teachers, nurses, social workers, public health professionals and others to play a stronger role in preventing and managing diabetes more effectively.
  2. Develop campus diabetes programs for CUNY students, faculty and staff to help them find needed services and develop the skills to better manage or prevent diabetes for themselves and their families.
  3. Organize a Diabetes Prevention and Control Task Force consisting of CUNY administrators, faculty, staff and students that will identify concrete steps to offer healthier food, encourage physical activity on CUNY campuses, and link students and staff to appropriate health services.
  4. Create the Diabetes Action Team, a cadre of students trained to complete internships, field placements and volunteer work on diabetes prevention and control throughout New York City.
  5. Organize a Diabetes Faculty Research Group to develop CUNY's capacity to conduct diabetes prevention and management research that capitalizes on existing strengths and fills needs not being met by other research institutions.
  6. Offer diabetes management programs to students, faculty and all employees of CUNY.

Achieving these objectives will provide direct support to the goal of controlling the overwhelming burden diabetes now imposes on New York City. It will reduce the number of CUNY students, faculty and staff and their family members with uncontrolled diabetes; prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes among members of the CUNY community and their families; and leave NYC institutions better equipped to control and prevent diabetes. The Campaign will also demonstrate how CUNY can respond as a single integrated institution to social problems that face our region and develop new models for public health education, research and practice.


The Campaign Against Diabetes has implemented several exciting initiatives designed to combat diabetes through research, education and action:

For more information about diabetes, go to: Diabetes.org