CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR)

The CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR) is part of a CUNY-wide initiative, bringing together a core commitment from four campuses—Baruch College, the Graduate Center, Hunter College, and Queens College—and associated faculty affiliates from throughout the City University of New York... >>

History & Mission

The CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR) was established by the City University of New York in 2007 as part of a significant commitment to launch New York’s first demographic research and training program... >>

Faculty & Staff

CIDR is comprised of affiliates from many of the 23 CUNY campuses. Building on the presence of more than 30 demographers CUNY-wide, the City University of New York hired nine new faculty members in the field during the past few years. >>

Demographic Research

With CUNY’s demography cluster initiative, the University has created the Institute, a home where scholars can gather to exchange ideas and receive the support necessary to accomplish the research agendas they establish. This engagement takes many forms, including cross-campus collaborations of faculty and students, development and support for new research and training initiatives, and a vibrant seminar series sponsored by the Institute. »

Certificate Program in Demography

The Certificate Program in Demography is the first demographic training program in the New York metropolitan area. The CUNY Institute for Demographic Research serves as a focal point for this program. >>
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Demography Courses offered Spring 2014 at the Graduate Center

Methods of Demographic Analysis - DCP 70200
Professor Frank Heiland

Big Data and Population Processes - DCP 80300
Professor Emilio Zagheni

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Demography Seminar Series

02/21/14: Emilio Zagheni, Queens College and Max Planck, "Using Digital Records to Study International and Internal Migration Patterns"

03/21/14: Mark J. VanLandingham, Tulane University, "The Evolution and Limits of post-Disaster Resilience Within an Immigrant Enclave: Vietnamese Americans in post-Katrina New Orleans"

05/16/14: Rachel E. Goldberg, Princeton University, "Smartphone Study of Teen Relationships: Anatomy of a Pilot"

Date: Fridays
Time: 1:00-2:30 PM
*New* Location: Room 3207 of the CUNY Graduate Center 365 Fifth Avenue


Director: Neil G. Bennett
Phone: (646) 660-6779

Associate Director: Deborah Balk
Phone: (646) 660-6762

Administrative Director of Operations and Research: Peh Hsia
Phone: (646) 660-6813

Computing Director: James D. Howell
Phone: (646) 660-6713

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