Faculty Development

The Office of Undergraduate Education supports faculty development through an annual University-wide grant competition.  This year the organization of the program was modified.  In addition to funding individual projects on teaching and learning, CUNY's Office of Academic Affairs is supporting a year-long University Seminar for the 15 faculty funded through the program.  The aim of the seminar is to create a supportive learning environment where funded faculty can explore the range of scholarly research in this field while advancing their own research.  The Office also organizes a professional education series in conjunction with the WAC/WID project, and sponsors the General Education conference each May.

2009-2010 University Seminar Participants and Projects on Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Education


All But War is Simulation: The Military, Video Games, and Literacy
Corey Mead (Baruch)

Game-Based Learning for Teachers
Joe Bisz (BMCC)

Using Writing to Uncover & Rectify Incomplete & Inaccurate Knowledge of Organic Chemistry Students
Brahmadeo Dewprashad (BMCC)

How Place-Based Learning Can Enrich Religious Studies
Ken Estey (Brooklyn)

Utilizing Humor in the Classroom to Promote Student Engagement and Learning
Vivian Shulman (College of Staten Island)

Open Source Design Education
Michael Mandiberg (College of Staten Island)

From the "Crime & Punishment Atmosphere" to a Lively Learning Experience in the Science Class
Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez (Hostos)

Podcasting and Performance: Using New Media to Improve Student Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Research Writing
Leigh Jones (Hunter)

Memory and Cognition
Rozlyn Myers (John Jay)

Broadening the Scope of Communication at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Dara Byrne (John Jay)

Connecting the Assessment of Student Writing to Classroom Practice
Tim McCormack (John Jay)

Information Literacy and Classroom Instruction
Erin Ackerman (John Jay)

Promoting Multilingual Writers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs Using Web 2.0
Maria Jerskey (LaGuardia)

Developing Digital Literacies
Amy Wan (Queens)

Designing a Digital Composition Curriculum
Karen Weingarten (Queens)