Graduate NYC! CUNY/DOE College Readiness and Success Initiative

The Office of Undergraduate Studies participates in the CUNY/ NYC Department of Education College Readiness and Success Initiative.  

In August 2010, as part of their Postsecondary strategy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded New York City $3 million over three years for the Graduate NYC! College Readiness & Success initiative.  This initiative brings together the resources of the Mayor’s Office, the NYC Department of Education, the City University of New York, several city agencies, and an extensive group of local community-based organizations, with the goal of “doubling the number” of CUNY graduates by 2020. The Mayor and the Chancellors have committed to significantly improving the educational outcomes of all New York City students. To accomplish this ambitious goal Graduate NYC! has developed seven project based teams that will focus on student skills proficiency, advisement and planning along the postsecondary continuum, and operational improvements. This effort is the result of a shared belief that improving high school and college outcomes for all students is imperative to the city’s long term health and economic stability.

Graduate NYC! resources: