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If you are interested in obtaining a career in today’s competitive and interconnected world, then Navigating Careers in the Global Economy is for you!

Whether it’s your dream to work as an entrepreneur or with and international employer, either in the U.S. or overseas, this conference will prepare you.


The Conference will help you to:

  • Understand the global marketplace
  • Discover the challenges & rewards of an int'l career
  • Develop a global mindset
  • Learn how to promote yourself
  • Identify intercultural competencies
  • Explore the benefits of internships
  • Find out about education abroad opportunities
  • Gather resource information
  • Meet employers and executives
  • Create a career plan

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Navigating Careers in the Global Economy
A Student Career Conference
Baruch College, Newman Conference Center
151 East 25th Street
April 20, 2012
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Registration is closed !

 Thank you for your interest in this event.

You may continue to check this site for program information and highlights.

"Go Global! - Launching an International
Career Here or Abroad"

book2 Meet Stacie Berdan, the author of this book, an international career expert and a Conference speaker.


"If you’re looking for your first job, a new job or a more exciting job… Why not GO GLOBAL! and ride the globalization wave to a successful career TODAY." 
- Stacie Berdan.

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vcsanchez Dear CUNY Students:

On Friday, April 20th, the University will host a conference entitled, “Navigating Careers in the Global Economy.”   Clearly, opportunities for CUNY graduates are enhanced when students are familiar with the global marketplace and familiar with the skills and competencies needed to be successful locally, nationally and abroad.

The conference’s workshops and panels will include both corporate and non-profit speakers whose aim is to provide students with an opportunity to develop employment strategies, gain networking skills and discover the benefits of internships and education abroad experiences.  At the event’s conclusion, any attendee should boast a comprehensive tool-kit for navigating today’s job marketplace.

I strongly encourage you and your fellow students to take advantage of this opportunity to “Go Global!”. Whether you are making plans to work in the domestic United States, or another country entirely, this conference will provide you with some important prerequisites to meet your goals.

Yours in education, 

Frank D. Sanchez
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs