Student Activities, Clubs and Organizations



Thank you for visiting the CUNY Student Life and Leadership page. We are proud to have over 1400 student clubs and organizations (and counting!) among our 24 campuses.


Why get involved?

Student Engagement = Student Success!

Student engagement has been an integral and vital component of student success. It is well-documented that students who are involved in their campus community excel academically.




Student engagement is more important than ever as employers and graduate schools value the skills and competencies learned from participating in co-curricular activities. In addition, students use the knowledge and experience they gain to improve their local communities.

And one of the most enduring values of joining a club or organization is the friends and memories the students make while leaving their marks on their campus community. Their connection to CUNY is continued beyond their years as students!

To find out what the individual campuses are doing to engage their students, please click here.




Office of Student Life & Leadership

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Program Specialist for Student Leadership Initiatives
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Coordinator of Student & Residence Life
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Kevin Tucker

University Director of Student Life & Executive Director of the Malave Leadership Academy
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Charmaine Worthy

University Coordinator of Student Activities
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