What are the requirements for attending a post-secondary school?

Anyone attending a post-secondary institution should present a legible copy of their lifetime immunization record showing two doses of Measles, One Mumps and Rubella vaccine or two doses of MMR (a combination of all three vaccines). Another acceptable form of an immunization record is a copy of a doctor's record on letterhead, stamped indicating the vaccines received. Should a student find themselves without any of the above, a titer report indicating positive immunity for Measles, Mumps and Rubella can be obtained by their current physician. All types of records that are explained above are acceptable at all universities and /or college. All schools follow their state public health laws so check with the health services center for the requirements.

When should I bring in my records to my college or university?

All records should be sent to your accepted university or college's Health Services office prior to your attendance and/or registration. If needed, take them in personally and provide a copy to the Health Services office.

I got vaccinated in high school, are those records acceptable for my university or college?

Yes. All documentation that has the appropriate stamps and signatures from your high school is acceptable proof of the immunization requirement. Most high schools accept one proof of a MMR or Measles so it's important that you check with your physician before attending college.

If I have a medical condition, am I exempted from presenting proof of immunizations?

There is no exemption to the Public Health Law 2165 or 2167. If you have a medical condition that is life threatening and vaccines will cause compromise your life then a medical doctor must give proof in writing to your university or college. The letter must indicate whether your condition is permanently or temporarily harmful to your health.

If I am vaccinated will I have a reaction to the immunization? Will I get sick?

A common reaction to most vaccines is a slight swelling in the vaccinated area. Please refer to the Vaccine Information sheet given during your clinic for more on the vaccine you are receiving.

Does my school offer vaccines or do I need to go to my own doctor to get them?

All CUNY schools offer free vaccinations during the semester and prior to your attendance. Please speak to your school's health services office for dates and times. Also, the Department of Health has vaccine clinics throughout the five boroughs that also offer free vaccines to anyone.

What happens if I don't get the required immunizations?

If you do not get the required MMR vaccines, you will not be able to register for your classes and cannot attend until this requirement is satisfied.

Do I have to show proof of my immunization if I am a part-time student?

No. You will not have to show proof of immunizations if you are taking less than 6 credits. Please refer to your health service center for further details.

I am from another country and my vaccination card is not in English, are my records acceptable?

Your vaccine records will need to be translated in English by a medical professional, stamped and notarized. If your records show the vaccines in English then you can process your records.


Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) <pdf>

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