VII. The College HEO Committee (HEO Guidelines)

The College HEO Committee, whose members are named by the President, shall review and recommend to the President appointments, salary step increases, reclassifications, reorganizations, and such other personnel actions as may be appropriate for the non-teaching instructional staff, with the exception of CLT's. Colleges must notify OFSR in writing of the name and title of the Chair of the College HEO Committee.

It is recommended that the College Affirmative Action Officer and the Labor Designee be appointed to the committee in an ex officio capacity. Both of these officers have knowledge that can be useful to the committee as it conducts its review of proposals. The College Director of Human Resources must be an ex officio member of the committee, unless some other college official is charged by the President with managing the administrative processes involved with postings, appointments, and records retention. The College Director of Human Resources (or designated official) also serves as liaison to OFSR. Designation of someone other than the College Director of Human Resources should be made in writing to the University Personnel Director. In addition to the above, one member of the HEO Committee must be designated as the committee's secretary. The College Affirmative Action Officer, Labor Designee, and College Director of Human Resources may be either voting or non-voting members of the committee.

All appointment papers (Form 218 or equivalent) must be signed by the College HEO Committee Chair, the Secretary of the College HEO Committee, and the College Affirmative Action Officer and retained by the college.

Revised January 10, 2000

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