VI. Additional Considerations (HEO Guidelines)

A. Policy Guidance

The following guidance is intended to be helpful to colleges in making decisions about appointments:

    1. Required years of work experience as set forth in the Bylaws are interpreted to mean work related to the field in which the person is being employed. Part-time or unpaid, related work experience may be counted, if properly documented.

    2. For HEO appointments, degree requirements need not be in a directly related field, unless the position is a highly technical one requiring a degree (e.g., a college attorney). The PVN must specify the required degrees and may specify a desired degree, but it may not be overly narrow if the position does not, in fact, require a specific degree.

    3. A required degree must be conferred by the time the appointment is made. A college may require evidence of the degree at the time of application, so long as the same requirement is made of all applicants and all are made aware of the requirement in the PVN. If not required earlier, evidence that the employee holds the required degree must be presented to the designated college official at the time of appointment. Degrees from foreign institutions should be carefully reviewed. Neither degrees from non-accredited schools nor honorary degrees are acceptable in meeting degree requirements.

    4. While there is no prohibition against a person serving in one HEO title from reporting to another HEO at the same rank, it is a questionable practice. Justification should be provided to the College HEO Committee, which must approve the arrangement.

    5. Colleges are responsible for maintaining copies of applications for three years from the closing date on the PVN, in accordance with the University 's record retention regulations.

B. The Chancellor's/University Reports

Pending actions are subject to removal from the Chancellor's/University Reports based on a recommendation by the University Personnel Director.

V. Reviews of Delegated College Personnel Actions Table of Contents VII. The College HEO Committee

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