Guidelines Regarding Recruitment and Appointment to Higher Education Officer Series Positions (HEO Guidelines)

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

    A. Affirmative Action

    B. Summary of Process

II. Classification

    A. Introduction

    B. Frequently Used Terms

    C. Classification of Vacant and New Positions

    D. Reclassification of Currently Occupied Positions

    E. Reorganization of Departments/Divisions

    F. Reassignments (Changes in Functional Title)

    G. Classification When Duties Overlap the Classified Civil Service

III. Recruitment Procedures

    A. Affirmative Action Policies

    B. The Recruitment Plan

    C. Searches

    D. Posting Personnel Vacancy Notices (PVNs)

    E. Substitute Appointments

IV. Compensation

    A. Salary Increases Based on Performance or Additional Responsibilities

    B. Five-Year and Seven-Year Steps

    C. Other Compensation Issues

V. Reviews of Delegated College Personnel Actions

    A. Routine Reviews

    B. Special Reviews

    C. Corrective Action

VI. Additional Considerations

    A. Policy Guidance

    B. The Chancellor's/University Reports

VII. The College HEO Committee

Appendix A


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