Registration Procedures

The OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office provides “open enrollment” courses in many competencies and skill-sets for which CUNY employees may register if they meet course attendance requirements and prerequisite(s).  Occasionally, a learning event may be designed for a specific CUNY audience or job group.  Registration procedures for most programs are indicated below.  Authorization from a manager or supervisor is required to participate in “open enrollment” courses.  Participation in certain programs for specific audiences may require approval from a college or university executive.   The PDLM E-Application is available at under the REGISTRATION link or click here

Online Registration

CUNY Professional Development Program

To register for CUNY Professional Development Program courses, employees must complete the OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office (PDLM) E-Application Form.  Employees complete and sign the Form, print it, obtain their supervisor's signature, and submit the Form to their college Human Resource Office for authorization.  The college Human Resources Office forwards the “E-App” to the Professional Development Office for processing.  E-Applications should be received in the Professional Development Office at least 10 days before the start of a course.  The Professional Development Office generally confirms an applicant's registration for a course five to seven days before the start of the course.  The PDLM E-Application is available at under the REGISTRATION link or click here .   

Executive Leadership Program

The Executive Leadership Program was designed for CUNY Executive Compensation Program employees below the title of Vice President or University Dean. This includes such titles as Director, Assistant Vice President, Acting Associate Vice President, Assistant Dean, Assistant/Associate University Dean, or Dean. College Presidents and University Vice Chancellors are responsible for nominating applicants who possess the professional experience and personal characteristics necessary to succeed in the Program.  Nomination materials are distributed to the campuses in November and the Program is conducted the following spring. Interested executives should contact the Professional Development and Learning Management Office for information about the next session.


Campus Awareness and Intake Committee Members

Reg NowMembers of campus Sexual Harassment Awareness and Intake Committees also must use the PDLM E-Application to register for SHAIC sexual harassment prevention courses. Committee members should complete the application form, have their supervisor sign it, and forward the application to their campus sexual harassment liaison, or to the Professional Development Office, as instructed by their liaison. Authorization from campus Human Resources is not required.   Applications should arrive in the Professional Development Office at least 10 days before the start of a course.

 On-line Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

All members of the CUNY community are invited to take the sexual harassment prevention on-line course and mastery test available on the CUNY web site. Specific editions of the course are offered to faculty, administrators and supervisors, non-supervisory employees, students, and guests. You may take the web site course and mastery test by going to, or by clicking on "Faculty/Staff" on CUNY's main web site, then clicking on "Policies and Procedures" under "Resources," and looking under "Personnel" for "Preventing Sexual Harassment at CUNY: Online Course and Mastery Test."

Workplace Violence Prevention Courses

Employees sometimes react to workplace challenges with inappropriate expressions of emotion or unexpected acts of violence. Workplace violence prevention experts encourage employers to provide personal and professional development courses that assist employees in managing workplace challenges. Recommended professional and personal development areas include managerial and supervisory development, managing personal emotions, assessing the emotions of others, negotiating workplace conflicts, and dealing with difficult people. The 2011-12 CUNY Professional Development Program offers specific courses in these competencies and skill-sets for managers, supervisors, professional staff, and administrative support professionals. Registration requires completion of the PDLM E-Application.  Contact your campus Human Resource Office for information about these courses.

Citywide Training Center

The DCAS Citywide Training Center (CTC) offers training and professional development courses/programs for administrative staff, professional staff, managers and supervisors, procurement staff, auditors, and computer users (office users and IT personnel). The OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office serves as CUNY's "agency liaison" for Citywide Training Center courses and works with college Human Resource Offices to register CUNY employees for CTC courses. Registration for CTC courses begins with your college Human Resource Office. Citywide Training Center applications <pdf> are available from your college Human Resource Office or may be downloaded from the CTC web site. Contact your college Human Resource office for more information.

Customer Service Training

The Professional Development Office provides customer service training to CUNY campuses through the DCAS Citywide Training Center (CTC). The CTC provides "customer care" courses and programs for administrative staff, professionals, and information technology employees. These courses may be customized for specific CUNY audiences, including student services staff, and can be provided on-site. Employees also may attend individual customer service courses at CTC locations. Skills and techniques for working with internal and external clients and "customers" are emphasized in these courses. Please remember that applications for CTC courses <pdf>must be submitted to the Professional Development Office. For more information or to register for a CTC customer care course, contact your college Human Resource Office.

Colleges also may present customer service/student relations training via the Noel-Levitz Connections program. Contact your college Human Resource Office for information about Connections courses.


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