Special Programs

The OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office has partnered with various workplace learning entities to provide targeted skill-building opportunities for various CUNY audiences.  Professional partnerships with corporate learning leaders, CUNY colleges, other University offices, educational institutions, and noted employee development facilitators have helped PDLM to offer innovative professional development opportunities to CUNY employees.  

Passenger Van Training for CUNY Drivers

In June, 2011, the Professional Development Office aided the University’s Risk Management Committee by coordinating several sessions of a driver safety training course for campus passenger van drivers.  The customized training session was entitled “Defensive Driving for Passenger Vans” and addressed the unique challenges imposed upon passenger van drivers in New York City.  The initial training sessions were held at CUNY locations in Manhattan and Queens.  Subsequent sessions are conducted annualy. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for CUNY Coaches and Athletic Administrators

In 2011-12, OHRM PDLM partnered with the CUNY Athletic Conference to provide sexual harassment prevention training for college coaches and athletic administrators.  A facilitator with unique qualifications (employment law attorney and former athlete) was contracted to provide several sessions for CUNY coaches and athletic administrators.  Participants reviewed the University’s sexual harassment prevention policy, the legal liabilities of coaches, managers, and supervisors regarding sexual harassment, and potential issues raised by the unique types of contact between coaches and athletes. 

Leadership Development Programs

OHRM PDLM partnered with the Chancellor’s Office in 2002 to initiate the CUNY Executive Leadership Program (ELP).  Highly effective CUNY executives received an opportunity to explore cutting-edge leadership practices, management communications theory, technological innovations, change management theory, strategic planning methods, and employee motivation techniques in the context of higher education.  The multi-session curriculum consisted of executive briefings on leadership practices, strategic planning, executive competencies, change management, team building, workplace diversity, ethical leadership, technology and change, leadership self-awareness, and executive time management.  Participants also worked in project groups to develop strategic plans for managing operational challenges faced by CUNY colleges.  Eighty college and Central Office executives were selected to participate in the  2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006 sessions.  An alumni session was conducted in 2009.  ELP alumni currently hold positions throughout the University as Director, Dean, Associate Provost, Senior Counsel, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and President (Interim).

LED Group PictureIn 2004 and 2005, PDLM partnered with the Linkage Corporation to provide a summer leadership development program for managers in the Higher Education Officer Series.  The 2004 program, entitled Leading as a Manager, introduced managers to leadership practices for managing and communicating change, developing alternate solutions to workplace problems, and networking across organizational boundaries.  A second Linkage leadership development program, The Power of Motivational Management, was presented in the summer of 2005.

In 2003 and 2004, PDLM worked with the Chancellor's Office, University Academic Affairs, the General Counsel's Office, the Office of Labor Relations (OLR), and Cornell University's Institute for Community College Development to design and coordinate the first sessions of CUNY's Department Chair Leadership Program.  Academic department chairs examined the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to manage a modern academic department.  The University Academic Affairs Office began coordinating this popular program in 2005.

Registration for Special Programs

Registration procedures and eligibility requirements for special programs are communicated when these programs are announced.  Participation in some programs requires nomination by a department manager or college or university executive.  Please contact your Human Resources Office if you are interested in a particular program.

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