Customer Care

Studies vary but some indicate that educational institutions can lose as much as 15 percent of enrollment because of poor customer service.  To assist in preventing such negative statistics, the OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office recommends two employee development options aimed at helping CUNY employees provide exceptional service to CUNY's most important customers - our students!

New York City Citywide Training Center

The New York City Citywide Training Center at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) offers a variety of customer care options.  NYC Citywide Training Center (CTC) customer service workshops provide participants with essential skills and techniques for cultivating positive interactions with both internal as well as external customers.  CUNY employees may take these courses at the NYC CTC, as a PDLM course, or at their campuses (on-site), if offered.    

Specific workshops include:  

•    Delivering Quality In-Person Customer Service
•    Effective Telephone Techniques
•    Customer Focused Writing for Clear and Effective Communication

For a full listing of NYC Citywide Training Center communication courses – oral, written, and interpersonal – click here <pdf> for the  available NYC CTC catalog. 


The OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office (PDLM) serves as the "agency liaison" for University employees who wish to register for NYC Citywide Training Center courses.  Registration for individual courses is processed via the college Human Resources Office and OHRM's PDLM Office.  Interested staff should select courses from the NYC CTC catalog and complete the "NYC CTC Registration Form" located under the REGISTRATION link at or click here <pdf>.  Contact your college Human Resources Office for more information.


The second customer care training option focuses on customer service in the student services area.  The PDLM Office periodically coordinates train-the-trainer courses in Connections – a customer-service training program for staff members working in Registrar's, Financial Aid, Bursar's and Admissions Offices, and other highly visible student service areas.  Taught by campus trainers and developed by Noel-Levitz, a national leader in the retention and student services field, the Connections program introduces participants to their roles as campus recruitment and retention agents, and teaches them how their behavior can directly influence a student's decision to enroll and remain in school.  The program also provides information on the effective use of e-mail, voice mail, and the Internet in addition to problem-solving techniques and strategies for service improvement.

Connections on-line GroupPhoto.jpg

The on-line version of the Connections program, Connections NOW, is available at discount for CUNY-trained Connections facilitators and may be used to present well-researched student customer relations techniques to all CUNY employees – including student workers.  Contact your college Human Resources Department or your campus Connections trainer(s) for more information.