Diversity Study Steering Committee Meetings

The Diversity Study Steering Committee, appointed by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, is charged with overseeing and coordinating the study. 

February 23

April 15

Next meetings TBD


Cambridge Hill Partners will interview University stakeholders from the following groups:  Board of Trustees, Chancellery, Presidents, Provosts, Deans, Faculty, Leaders of Centers/Institutes/Initiatives, HR Directors, and Affirmative Action Officers.


Working Group

The issues of accountability, recruitment, and retention are integral to this study.  To delve deeply into these issues, a faculty working group was formed to dissect each of these issues in a daylong session.  HR Directors and Affirmative Action Officers also participate in these meetings. 

March 11

March 18 (Accountability)

March 25 (Retention)

Focus Groups

Cambridge Hill Partners will conduct focus groups to help further identify issues related to accountability, recruitment, and retention.  The focus groups will also help the University to understand if experiences differ based on group identity.  See section on Focus Groups for more details.

March 24

March 25

April 1



A University-wide Climate Survey will be distributed to all full-time faculty.  The survey’s goal is to assess how faculty members experience the campus workplace and culture.  This includes understanding strengths, challenges and options for change.  The survey design will include a demographic component to ensure that the University understands how responses from faculty may be the same or different based on aspects of their identity

April 11

Anticipated release

Diversity Strategy Sessions

Cambridge Hill Partners will facilitate strategy sessions in each of the boroughs.  The strategy sessions are designed to provide a significant number of faculty an opportunity to help chart the University’s diversity initiatives over the next five years.

For details, go to the Strategy Sessions Web page:


May 3 -
The City College

May 4 -
Brooklyn College

May 5 -
College of Staten Island

May 11 -
LaGuardia Community College

May 12 -
Bronx Community College