Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening Faculty Diversity

The Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening Faculty Diversity, appointed by Chancellor Goldstein, is responsible for reviewing the recently completed Faculty Diversity Study Report and developing a comprehensive University Action Plan based on the Study's findings. The goals of the Diversity Action Plan are to enhance the University's standing as a national leader in faculty diversity, encourage a system-wide climate of inclusiveness, and establish innovative programs to support faculty. The Committee expects to complete its work by Spring 2012.



Honorable Valerie Lancaster Beal
Board of Trustees

President Marcia Keizs
York College


Honorable Philip Berry
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Honorable Wellington Chen
Board of Trustees

Honorable Rita DiMartino
Board of Trustees

Senior Vice Chancellor Jay Hershenson
University Relations and Secretary of the Board of Trustees

President Lisa Staiano-Coico
The City College of New York

Provost James Stellar
Queens College

Professor Calvin Holder
Faculty Senate Rep.
Department of History, College of Staten Island

Mr. Cory Provost

* Vice Chancellor Gloriana Waters (Office of Human Resources Management) and University Dean Jennifer Rubain
(Office of Recruitment and Diversity) will assist the committee.